The plan to renew Windows is looking for a solution to the loss of energy from our homes because of poor Windows from the past.

For this reason, they have put in place measures to improve energy efficiency with the change of old Windows for new  efficient Windows stamped with the mark C.E., as fabricated by BEVAL, SERIESB73 O SERIE B82 PASSIVE HOUSE. The PLAN to renew WINDOWS 2020 in the Valencian Comunity offers GRANTS  to change your old Windows for more energy efficient Windows stamped with the oficial mark C.E. 


Dedicated to: private property owners,  tenents of rented properties who live in the Valencian Comunity.

Presentation date: from 30 of January 2020 until 18 of June 2020

Windows which enter the PLAN

Windows & Doors should form part of the exterior of the house

The new windows should by stamped with the mark C. E. 

The old glass should be  a single pane of glass 

In the case of the substitution of inefficient windows and  sliding doors the panes of glass can be single or double .

The new windows have a permeability of aire ≤ 9 m3/h.m2 a 100 Pa ( class 3 or superior) as per rule UNE-EN 12207. Our Windows B73 & B82 are class 4.

The new Windows have to have a final destiantion for instalation inside the Valencian Comunity.

Projects to be considered need to cost more than 1000 € 

The blinds and other elements of sun protecttion are not covered by the PLAN. Extra building work is not included , neither are any taxes o licences necessary to finish the instalation. 

    Each individual can only a apply for one grant after the 30 of January 2020

The amount granted per person by IVACE, is a máximum of 75€ /m2 for the complete renovation of the Windows, door- Windows, glass , frame included 

The amount of the shop or instaltion Company included in the PLAN, gives the discount from the bill ( before applying IVA ) of 15 € at he time of instaltion 

The amount of GRANT given by IVACE, has a limit of 30% of the permited cost. To the máximum amount of 3000 € per household 

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